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Creative Uses For Recycled Tires On Your Playground

As discussed in our last post, recycled tire mulch is becoming a popular choice for playground footing, but that isn’t the only way that you can reuse tires on your playground. Check out these creative ideas!


1. Climbing

Instead of the traditional climbing wall with rock attachments or a ladder, try attaching tires to a wall for a fun and unique way for kids to reach the top of your playground.


2. Balancing

Fun for all ages, create a fun and challenging balance beam by lining up tires and burying half the tire to provide stability. If you live somewhere with particularly wet seasons, you may want to also use concrete when anchoring your tires, just to make sure they stay stable year round.


3. Anchoring

Speaking of anchoring, tires make great portable anchors for other outdoor games, such as tetherball, when filled with concrete. The possibilities are endless with this one. You could use tire anchors for each side of a volleyball net, a horseshoes target, portable ultimate Frisbee goals, etc. Next time you are thinking about permanently anchoring something to the ground, try a tire anchor instead. It will make cleanup in the future much easier!


4. Swinging

An oldie but a goodie, the tire swing is a classic for a reason! Who doesn’t have a good childhood memory of an old tire swing? Tire swings promote interaction and imagination, and they are so easy to make. So, in addition to the traditional swings on your playground, consider adding a tire swing or two to the mix.

Old tires provide a great medium to let your imagination run wild. No matter how you choose to use tires to vamp up your playground, it is important to drill holes in the tires to allow drainage. Pooled water is a breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitoes, neither of which we want around our kids. Take this precaution and tires will provide a durable addition to your playground for years of fun.